to the Spirit & Sword Ministries website! Spirit & Sword is dedicated to making disciples of the Haitian people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, whether here in the states or in Haiti. 2 Timothy 2:2 is the driving force of this ministry: "Commit to faithful men (and women) the things you have learned so they can teach others also." This has been the main focus of Tom & Marilyn Shaw, founders of Spirit & Sword, since they first traveled to Haiti in 1985 and then moved there to live, till 1996. They now reside in S. Florida and continue the ministry from there. (You can read the full history of Spirit & Sword on the "about" page.)
Tom & Marilyn
     Here is a list of some of the aspects of Spirit & Sword Ministries.
   "The Christian Leadership Bible Correspondence Course"

A 2-year Correspondence Course originally designed for use in Haiti. Written in Creole, then translated into English and French, it is available in the U.S. and can be taken by email. With diligent effort, the Course can be finished in nine months. This Course is designed to aid the believer in having a better understanding of who he/she is in Christ and how to live a victorious life. It consists of 3-trimesters with an exam after each one and a total of nine lessons with questions. The cost is only $125.00 per trimester, plus the purchase of five books. Click on the "Correspondence" link for more details.

   "Kenneth Hagin Ministries books"

We were granted permission to translate six of Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin and Pastor Kenneth Hagin, Jr's. books into the Creole language. These include The New BirthIn HimGod's MedicineLife of ObedienceAuthority of the Believer and The Ministry Gifts. These books have been well
 received in Haiti. They can be purchased from our U.S. office and a price list is included on the "Correspondence" page. 

    "Christian Leadership Bible Seminars"

Teaching seminars for pastors and church leaders in various cities of Haiti. These are taught by Marilyn Shaw and other Bible teachers who travel to Haiti with her. These are three-day seminars usually held three times a year. There is no cost to those who attend and no offerings are taken. They are always held in conjunction with a local pastor and are conducted in Creole.

    "Haiti Office Staff"

Much of what we do could not be accomplished without our faithful staff in Haiti. Ronald Valcin, office manager, Wilner Charles, Harry DuJour and Jean Jeccene are full-time employees; Dieune Day, Destine Muracin and Pastor Coquillon work part-time. They distribute the Correspondence Course, teach Bible seminars and help Tom and Marilyn when they come to Haiti.

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